Competency in Phlebology

Welcome to Competency in Phlebology 2021!

This years course incorporates innovate technology to address the
most complex and intriguing topics in Phlebology.

Using live streaming, expert moderation and augmented reality we
invite you to immerse in the OR environment and actively participate
in discussions to better understand the endovascular treatment of
deep venous obstructive disease.

Using augmented reality we endeavour to bring participants into the
operating room so that you can view live cases from the operators
perspective so as to better understand the skills and techniques
employed in these complex procedures.

We invite you to use the learning and knowledge you gain from the
competency course to upgrade your skills and improve your daily

This event is conducted under the auspices of the Italian College of
Phlebology endorsed by the European Venous Forum and is organized
by About Vein Society.This event is accreditated for the European
Training Requirements program (UEMS): CDP level 1-2 and CDPP 5

It is still possible to attend the course in his E-Learning form, click here to subscribe

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